Video by : Alexis Burgos (@_aburgos)


Artist born in Puerto Rico in 1990. Carlos J. Williams (also known by his pseudonym Ca.Vier) lived the majority of his young life in Dominican Republic where he learned to doodle and copy images by looking at them. He moved back to Puerto Rico and continued his studies achieving a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Carlos moved to New York City in 2013 to pursue new opportunities not knowing that in the big apple, his art would develop and evolve. 

Carlos initially created art influenced by emotional experiences he was going through. This created a solid foundation for his work, forming the alias known as Ca.Vier (which is short for Carlos Javier and sounds like caviar). The artist, during this period, was looking to define what Ca.Vier was and how it reflected what he was feeling. 

The artist continues his travels, visiting other countries and observing the culture to further develop his work. Rather than reflecting what he sees in the exterior, the artist reflects what he perceives from within, creating a never ending evolving routine.